Seed Cashless Plus

Remote, Real-time Insight.

Seed Cashless Plus provides real-time alerts on machine health and performance, empowering you with the data-rich insight needed to maximize overall performance.

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Seed Cashless Plus

Make every machine your best machine.

Seed Cashless Plus allows unattended retailers to proactively monitor machine performance in order to understand sales data and ensure machines remain up and running. By utilizing the cashless telemetry on your machines, you can unlock the benefits of Seed Cashless Plus for your operation.

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Seed Cashless Plus Alerts

Monitor wherever you are with real-time alerts.

Track machine-level health through a single interface with Seed Cashless Plus by receiving real-time alerts when inventory runs low or malfunctions occur.

  • Bill and coin jam alerts and power failure warnings
  • Dispatch repair calls and technicians proactively
  • Receive notifications when machines are opened to prevent unauthorized access

Integrated cash and cashless accountability.

Improve cashflow across your entire business with Seed Cashless Plus by tracking from the machine, to the warehouse, to the money room for all sales.

  • Reconcile collected cash and cashless sales vs. what the machine processed
  • Report on all financials and reduce internal shrinkage
Seed Cashless Plus Cashless Machines

Seed Cashless Plus Sales Alerts

Smarter reporting for data-driven decisions.

By understanding machine-level performance, Seed Cashless Plus empowers you to make data-driven decisions based on item specific cashless sales history.

  • Analyze sales performance by payment type, item, location and day
  • Conduct pricing analysis and deploy flexible cash discounts
  • Understand machine trends to optimize product merchandising

Grow sales and cover costs with variable pricing.

With data-driven insights, Seed Cashless Plus enables you to extend two pricing levels in a machine; lower prices for cash, higher prices for cashless.

  • Control discounts remotely as you conduct pricing analyses
  • Maximize margins on all your products and make remote updates
  • Cover transaction processing costs with variable pricing
Seed Cashless Plus Variable Pricing

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Enjoy all the benefits of Seed Cashless Plus and our expert Customer Support Team.

Our team is focused on ensuring your network of machines are always running and you’re getting the most out of your software platform. Gain access to one-on-one training for onboarding and leverage Go To Assist for virtual in-application on-going support. Additional installation guides, device troubleshooting videos, and software best practices are located inside of Seed’s Help Center.