Leaders in Payments: Insights and Advice from Maeve McKenna Duska

In this Leaders in Payments podcast with Greg Myers, featuring Maeve McKenna Duska, Chief Marketing Officer at USA Technologies, Maeve shares insights into her career growth in payments and unattended retail, as well as what the future holds for unattended retail.

“People are becoming more and more accustomed to using digital payments in all aspects of their life, and we should expect to see contactless and digital payments continue to accelerate coming out of COVID-19,” said Duska. She goes on to share valuable lessons learned throughout her career and emphasizes the importance of a leader’s role to enable, engage, and empower people.

In this Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • What trends exist in unattended retail and how will COVID-19 accelerate these trends.
  • Given the stay-at-home working environments right now, Duska will share how her company is adapting to a dispersed, remote workforce.
  • How USAT is delivering information, education, and support to their customers during COVID-19.
  • The role she plays as a CMO and her beliefs about being an effective leader.