The Key to Employee Retention in an Unattended Retail Operation

“The most important thing you can do in recruiting talent is to share the points of differentiation within your organization—how you make their job easier with technology, flexibility in work times, providing time off, giving back to the community, and open lines of communication in the organization—all of these things can set you apart from other companies both in and outside of your market,” said Jared Detwiler, VP of Operations at One Source Office Refreshment Services. In an interview with Elyssa Steiner, VP of Marketing and Jared Detwiler, we uncover One Source’s approach to recruiting and retaining talent, and how seeking employee feedback can be one of the most important retention strategies.


In this Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • One Source’s recruiting process that helps them attract and retain talent.
  • How each generation presents different employee needs.
  • Best practices for onboarding and training new hires, especially drivers – learn about his Driver in Training Program.
  • How One Source faces challenges like turnover and uses surveys to ensure they gather employee feedback – learn about his Good Day Program.
  • How technology has helped create work-life balance for Jared and his people.
  • Get the KPI’s they track to manage performance across various employee roles.