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For USAT, a cashless payment platform means new, unlimited opportunity for our self-serve retail customers to strengthen their businesses and their bottom line.

See what our customers have to say about working with USAT.

Vending Customers

The revenue uplift that we are experiencing from our existing cashless locations has been compelling. By working with USAT, I know that I am working with a partner that has proven to be reliable, responsive and ahead of the game in terms of additional offerings such as loyalty that I can sell to my own customers. – Tom Elich, CFO, City Vending Company


In selecting a cashless partner, we have always recognized USAT's leadership role and vision for this industry. And with our busy schedules, we appreciate USAT's one-stop shop - from hardware to gateway to website to support. – Curt Kingsley, Vending Sales Manager, Fitzgerald Bros. Beverages


As a result of the efficiencies we gained from teaming up with USA Technologies and VendSys, today we are doing more volume and higher gross profit margins on 9 routes, than what we were achieving on 14 routes a year ago. – Robin Rawls, President, Rawls Distributing


People are more comfortable buying that higher priced item because they are putting it on a plastic card.– Accent Food Services


Adding USAT's Two-Tier Pricing Program as one of our cashless payment options has helped us to be more flexible and competitive, and is bringing in enough additional pre-tax profit to pay for our card processing and one-third of our ePort Connect service fees. The program has made installing cashless payment more viable with a broader base of customers.– Lisa Leuchter, Founder and Co-owner, Snackworks


USA Technologies has helped us from beginning to end with our cashless experience... it’s a one-stop shop for us.– Southern Refreshment


I am also looking forward to new loyalty programs that will allow me to give some incentives to customers for the first time. Vending just hasn’t had these kind of tools before and I am looking at cashless as a means to really turn this business around. – Jonathan Harris, President, Amador Coffee & Vending
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