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Learn more about the cashless experience and how to make your business more successful and your customers happier.

The transition of cash and coin to cashless payment options represents one of the last frontiers in self-serve retail. Don't miss out on this important milestone in your business strategy and approach to customer satisfaction.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Experiencing little room for sales and volume growth with above-market vend prices? Cashless adds up where high vend prices exist. "A cinema in the northeast saw an increase in volume of 139% at a three dollar vend price after adding cashless."  Learn MoreIncreasing Volume in High-End Accounts,USA Technologies
Losing your customers to the competition? Gain a competitive edge by adding credit/debit and mobile payment options. "When a large national vending operator was faced with losing a portion of their account at a premier park in Orlando, they knew they had to plan to combat attrition in the future."  Learn More – Retaining and Growing Existing Accounts, USA Technologies
Looking for a way to win contracts and wow customers? Cashless provides operators with the crucial point of differentiation needed to win and retain accounts in an increasingly competitive market.  "A progressive, mid-sized operator won his bid for a major account in Utah against the largest vending operator in town, using cashless as their competitive advantage." Learn More– Winning New Accounts,USA Technologies
Unsure of the effect raising prices will have on volume? Customer price sensitivity is greatly reduced with credit card payments making prices less likely to negatively impact sales. "With the cashless system in place, prices rose from $2.50 to $3.00 over the course of 12 months and the location saw a 78.9% increase in sales from the previous year only 20% of which were attributable to the price differential." Learn More– Increasing Prices,USA Technologies 
 Are your machines always out of change? An estimated 50% of consumers will walk away from a vending machine when the Use Correct Change light is on. " Credit card sales in the 4th quarter averaged $323 per machine per month with the top-performing machine doing $921 in the month of December." Learn More– Transforming Business,USA Technologies