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Bring MORE. to your customers with USAT's loyalty and prepaid program.

These new consumer engagement services offered by USAT create an exciting, new marketing paradigm for your cashless locations that previously, had little to no connection with their consumers.

  • Drive repeat business – consumers are known to come back for more just for the rewards!
  • Build trust and loyalty which, in turn, will drive more sales.
  • Develop a one-to-one direct marketing relationship with consumers – a loyal customer buys more, and more often!
  • Increase account retention – loyalty creates a "stickiness" that in many industries can represent up to 70% of sales.
  • Generate new revenue streams with consumer product promotion, offers, advertising and couponing.

MORE. by USAT, is an ultra-convenient payment account and rewards program. With it, consumers will never have to worry about carrying cash to buy products or services at participating machines, and the more they use the card, the more they can save.

Reach consumers directly and impact behavior before they make a purchase. MORE. brings cutting-edge technology, convenience and rewards to your operation.

With MORE., your customers will be able to:

  • Earn and redeem rewards
  • Access additional payment methods, including prepaid credits
  • Engage with your brand through social gaming and achievements.

You will be provided with even more advanced and detailed analytical data on your business, and a higher level of customer engagement than you ever thought possible.

How easy is it to get started?

By seamlessly integrating into existing USAT technology, MORE. works with credit, debit, NFC, mobile, and prepaid payment methods. We provide a complete kit containing promotional materials, detailed instructions, and loyalty cards to be distributed across your network, making this a simple yet powerful addition to your business.

How are rewards earned?

It’s up to you! You can opt to offer your customers anything from a one-time cash bonus for activation (to establish new purchasing patterns), cash-back on each purchase (to encourage repeat transactions & establish loyalty) to specific, time-bound incentives to establish new purchase patterns – all with a simple, web-based operator interface.

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