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ePort Connect links you directly to your distributed assets – and the valuable data they hold – through our machine-to-machine (M2M) and telemetry services.

Sold as part of our complete solution or as a stand-alone offering, our telemetry services allow you to remotely monitor, control and generate reports on the status of your machines to enable greater operating efficiency for an improved bottom line. As an ePort Connect telemetry customer, you’ll receive real-time data, sales reports, and machine health alerts wirelessly – key information to help you run your business more effectively.

Web-based Reporting through USALive

Our online reporting system provides access to your cash and detailed credit/debit sales and accounting reconciliation reports right from your desktop. We are constantly enhancing USALive to bring our customers the business information they need. Benefit from continuous access to training programs hosted by our in-house, experienced support team.

Machine Health Alerts

Based on your business needs, our ePort Connect service lets you know when your machines are not functioning properly.

DEX Data Transmission

Our integrated wireless support services let you cost effectively optimize your routes & pre-kit your trucks with DEX data transmission to one of our vending management system (“VMS”) partners. ePort Connect is certified to integrate with a number of vending management systems, including VendSys, Cantaloupe, Crane Streamware, Par Level, MEI Easitrax and others. Don’t hesitate to ask your sales rep!

Column Mapping

USALive also supports column mapping, giving customers valuable insight as to what products are generating the most demand by consumers. For smaller customers, this feature can prove to be an economical substitute for more sophisticated vending management systems.


Tokenization is one of the newest features to be added to the ePort Connect service platform. Customers now have the ability to view, through USALive, repeat consumer patterns through the use of an identifier (token) that the system applies to a specific credit card number. Great information that helps improve your business operations and customer and consumer satisfaction.

Comprehensive and Complete

Learn about other services provided as an ePort Connect customer by visiting the Cashless Payments and Data Services pages. In addition, visit our expanding list of value-add services, many of which are unique to USAT customers. Also, be sure to learn about the multiple ways to connect to our service