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Don’t lose another customer to the inconvenience of exact change!

Consumers are increasingly turning to cashless forms of payment due to its speed and convenience--and self-serve retail is no exception. In fact, our latest Knowledge Base study indicated that over 30 percent of customers chose to pay this way, with many channels reporting even higher usage rates. Don't be left behind!

Merchant Account Services

One of the fundamental advantages of ePort Connect is that you don't have to deal with a separate payment processor. We set it up for you, making it easy to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express in addition to emerging NFC-based mobile payment applications, such as Apple Pay and the Softcard Mobile Wallet, at your locations.

Card Processing Services

Another great element of ePort Connect is that we take the complexity of multiple rate structures out of your hands. We combine our leadership in self-serve retail and our knowledge of the unique characteristics of your market segment to provide one, simplified "blended rate program” that makes cashless acceptance both cost effective and more manageable.

Settlement & Reconciliation

No need to spend time reconciling receipts any longer. We handle the settlement with our payment processor, then we’ll send a weekly ACH/EFT of settled card transactions right into your designated bank account. If you need them more often, we can do that, too!

Wireless Services

Are your locations dispersed geographically? No worries. Where necessary, our ePort Connect service incorporates wireless connectivity using partners like Verizon Wireless to ensure maximum uptime and consumer satisfaction.

Consumer Services

We take the hassle of refunds, chargebacks and other consumer credit-debit billing inquiries off your hands with our 24 x 7 customer service team.

Comprehensive and Complete

Learn about other services that can be provided to ePort Connect customers by visiting the Deployment Services and Data Services pages. In addition, visit our growing list of value-added services, many of which are unique to USAT customers. Also, be sure to learn about the multiple ways to connect to our service.