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General Customer FAQs

Q: What is a credit card authorization?

A: A credit card authorization is used to verify if the cardholder has available funds to make a purchase at the self-serve machine, a retailer or for an online ecommerce transaction.

Q: Does the consumer need a receipt when make a purchase?

A: No. The consumer does not need a receipt when making a purchase at an unattended machine; however the purchase amount and machine name will appear on the consumer's bank statement and serves as confirmation of the purchase.

Q: What card payment types do the vending machines accept?

A: Our goal is to continually offer point of sale terminals that allow consumers to pay any way they want--whether credit, debit or mobile-based forms of payment.  To qualify for our blended rate program, we typically do not include MasterCard debit. 

Q: What is a chargeback?

A: Chargebacks are typically initiated or disputed by the cardholder for several reasons, but the most common reasons are as follows:

Consumer or cardholder claims to have never received the goods or services as promised at the time of purchase.

Fraud - consumer or cardholder claims they did not authorize the purchase, or possible identity theft. Billing issues - consumer or cardholder claims incorrect amount billed, or refund never issued or duplicate billing or cardholder is charged twice for the same transaction.

Q: How can I help my customers (consumers) identify transactions on their credit or debit card statements?

A: Our customers can now apply their own DBA (Doing Business As) using their USALive web portal. Apply the description to each device, or globally to all devices.

Q: What is a fraudulent transaction?

A: A fraudulent transaction occurs when a credit card is used without the consent or proper authorization of the cardholder or, in some cases, a merchant is responsible for charges fraudulently imposed on a customer. Most fraudulent card transactions originate with criminals who gain access to secure payment card data and set up schemes to exploit cardholder information.  

Security FAQs

Q: Is paying with a credit card using an ePort or a certified reader from USA Technologies safe and secure?

A: All USA Technologies' cashless acceptance products go through third-party testing and validation. The ePort Connect network where the ePort communicates is validated against the PCI SSC's (PCI Security Standards Council) strict regulations. The PCI Security Standards Council sets the standards that payment system vendors must follow when developing hardware and software. The ePort Connect network is PCI DSS approved and is recertified annually.

Q: How does it work?

A: The cashless acceptance device and a software application handle the communication between our secure payment gateway, ePort Connect, and the purchase.

Q: What is point-to-point encryption, and why is it important?

A: Security is paramount at USA Technologies. We use point-to-point encryption to protect your card information when you swipe your card using our ePort cashless acceptance device. The card data is protected from the point of purchase all the way to the credit card processing company and back through ePort Connect. This prevents sensitive card data from being stored at the point of acceptance or from being intercepted in-transit.

Q: Is USA Technologies (USAT) PCI-DSS compliant?

A: Yes. USA Technologies is annually certified by Trustwave and Visa for PCI compliance. USAT is PCI-DSS - Level 1 - Service Provider certified. You can locate additional information by clicking on the following link: There you will find a link to a Visa pdf document and on page 48, USA Technologies is listed as PCI-DSS compliant.