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Two-Tier Pricing Program

Get all the benefits of cashless while covering card processing costs.

Improve margins, increase consumer convenience

It's a win-win. USA Technologies' (USAT) new Two-Tier Pricing Program gives you the ability to charge two different vend prices on your vending machines: one price for credit/debit cards and one lower, or "discounted" price for cash. You improve your margins by reducing your costs and increasing your sales and profits, and your consumers get the convenience of using their credit and debit cards for payment at your machines.

The Two-Tier Pricing Program by USAT provides a low-risk, low-cost way to increase consumer convenience, increase margins and capture additional sales while keeping the costs associated with the service to a minimum.


Ability to have two vend prices:The standard price for credit/debit and a lower discounted price for cash purchases.

Cover card processing fees: Set your standard vend prices for credit and debit cards that allow you to cover card processing fees.

Flexible: Flexible system enables you to set your own credit/debit price, by account or machine.

Easy to implement: Two-tier capability can be added to machines remotely using USA Technologies' over-the-air update system.

Getting started is easy

Two-Tier Pricing Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much more can I charge for credit-debit purchases versus cash?
A: USA Technologies has the ability to charge either 5 cents or 10 cents more per vended item when a consumer makes a purchase with their credit/debit card versus cash. Our initial field testing shows that the consumer's purchasing habits are not negatively impacted when charged up to 10 cents more per credit-debit card transaction, so the current recommended additional charge is 10 cents. But ultimately it is up to your company to decide what works best for your customers and your business.

Q: Can I vary the amount I charge for credit-debit purchases by each machine?
A: Yes. You can set the amount per vended item by each machine. You may decide to charge 5 cents more for a credit/debit purchase versus cash on a snack machine while a beverage machine with higher-priced items may support a charge of 10 cents more per vended item on a credit/debit purchase.

Q: Can I vary the amount I charge for credit-debit purchases within a machine?
A: No. You can only set one (1) pre-set amount to be charged to any vended item for credit/debit purchases within a vending machine.

Q: What is the cost to implement two-tier pricing capabilities on my machines?
A: USA Technologies provides two-tier pricing capability to our customers at no charge on the first twelve (12) machines. After the initial twelve (12) there is a $0.75 monthly service fee per machine.

Q: Do the card associations allow me to charge more for a vend purchase when a consumer uses their credit/debit card in my vending machine?
A: The card associations allow you to offer a discount for cash purchases. The higher price for credit/debit cannot be positioned as an additional fee. The vending machine must clearly communicate to the consumer that there are two (2) vend prices. The credit/debit vend price is one price and the cash/coin price is the lower or "discounted" vend price.

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