ePort® Cashless Payment and Networking Services power up your profits.

Jumpstart ePort Program

JumpStart your Business with Cashless

The JumpStart Program from USA Technologies offers all the benefits of adding cashless payments and telemetry services to unattended retail machines without the hardware cost. Make an immediate positive impact on your business, without any risk or long-term commitment.

Benefits of the JumpStart Program from USA Technologies include:

The JumpStart program includes the ePort EDGE™ - a one-piece reader and controller combo or the ePort G8 - a two-piece design with contactless capabilities. Both have fast transaction processing, over-the-air update capabilities, and enhanced functionality - and are supported by ePort Connect, a turn-key suite of cashless payment and telemetry services specially tailored to fit the needs of the self-service retail industries. DEX telemetry is available through both devices along with cashless payment services, or choose the ePort G8 Telemeter as a stand-alone DEX telemetry option and upgrade to cashless later with no hardware replacement.


Participants in the JumpStart Program also have access to the Business Planning Deployment program. This program was designed to identify the likelihood of success in locations throughout the customers' operation and create a strategic deployment plan using market intelligence from more than 20 million transactions in over 21 location types, such as Education, Entertainment and Business and Industry.

Why Wait?
Contact a USA Technologies representative at 800-633-0340 for more information on the JumpStart Program.

* Activation fee and standard credit card processing rates apply.