USA Technologies

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What we do

USA Technologies has two core products/technology platforms that support our overall suite of services: 1) networking for data management and cashless payment processing and 2) energy management.

From snacks to fax to suds - and virtually anything in between

Our networking platform enables PC and non-PC machines to be wirelessly connected to the ePort Connect network for the purpose of accepting credit and debit cards for purchases, remote monitoring and data gathering. This core competency has been translated into bundled applications for a variety of industries, including Vending and Kiosk through ePort®, Laundry through eSuds™ and Hospitality through Business Express®,. Our back-end payment processing system and special relationships with merchant banks make it possible for the micro-transactions that characterize these applications to be conducted with low transaction fees, making credit and debit purchasing affordable and worthwhile to these service providers for the first time.

EnergyMiser products that conserve energy

Our full-line of energy management products is designed to reduce energy consumption on a number of products, including soda and snack vending machines, coolers and office equipment, resulting in a significant reduction in both operating cost and greenhouse gas emissions.

Under our Intelligent Vending® suite of services, the ePort® credit/debit and online data capabilities can be paired with the increase in energy savings and machine efficiency for a truly "intelligent" vending solution.