USA Technologies' e-Port® Enables Golf Ball Dispensing Machines to Accept Credit Cards; Technology Driving Increase in Sales and Customer Satisfaction

MALVERN, Pa, September 22, 2005-- USA Technologies (OTCBB: USTT) announced today it had taken its e-Port® cashless transaction technology into an exciting new marketplace – Golf.

The Company's wireless swipe card technology will now be found activating Range Servant's golf ball dispensing machines at golf clubs and driving ranges in North America. Range Servant is one of world's leading manufacturers of ball management systems and had an unmatched reputation in the driving range industry. Range Servant has sold the new credit card enabled equipment to courses in Florida, Washington State and California.

Range Servant America is the first company in the golfing industry to introduce credit card solution on a golf ball dispenser. According to Range Servant, some of these golf ball dispensing machines are generating more than $100,000 in credit card sales annually.

"Our credit card activated golf ball dispenser is a world's first," said Hormuz Minina, Development Manager, at Range Servant. "Our customers are delighted with its ease of use, and are already reporting increases in sales. The reliability of the Range Servant golf dispenser coupled with the e-Port technology allows unattended range operation while maximizing profits through the purchase of ‘impulse' buckets by the customer."

The convenience of the wireless application allows the dispenser to be placed anywhere while the cashless operation gives the range operator better controls.

"Golfers love the convenience of being able to use their credit cards in the ball dispensing machines, and we definitely have seen an increase in sales as a result," said Tim McIntyre, General Manager, Camas Meadow Golf Club, Camas, WA.

USA Technologies worked for more than a year with Range Servant to develop a seamless integration between the e-Port cashless transaction technology and the ball dispenser.

"We are excited that our e-Port technology is beginning to find its way into so many new and exciting applications outside of traditional soda and snack vending machines," said John McLaughlin, Vice President of Sales. "Cashless transaction capability is opening up many new opportunities, especially for higher priced items, and in the weeks and months ahead we expect to announce a number of additional marketing opportunities, including unattended kiosks and point of sale terminals," he said.

USA Technologies' e-Port cashless technology already activates vending machines, unattended kiosks, college laundry services and office services. The Company is working with a number of customers to expand the technology into other emerging, mass market opportunities.

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