Make your location even more attractive to business travelers

For hotels seeking cost-effective ways to serve the needs of travelers without adding labor, and while generating revenue, there's Business Express®.

Designed by USA Technologies, Business Express is a convenient, fully automated business center located right on your premises.

Business Express gives your guests these on-site advantages:

With just a swipe of their credit card, guests can activate the services they need 24/7, without ever having to leave your premises.

You benefit from:

Choose from two flexible Business Express systems:

PC Express® - A self-service Public PC designed with the business traveler in mind.

Business Express® Custom - Anything from a PC-only to a full-line business center.

It's your return trip ticket...

Give your business guests a good reason to choose your hospitality for their next visit. And take the burden off your front desk and generate monthly revenue without having to hire additional staff.

For locations that already have a staffed business center, Business Express is the ideal after-hours solution.